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For the better part of the last two years, since completing my book, The Division of Light and Power, I have refrained from entering the national political fray, partisan fights and social media circuses, so you have not heard much from me. 

Today, a sense of urgency requires me to speak out for the common good, with common sense, to illuminate the truth, to show a better way as a response to those who would lead America, and the world, further down a path towards destruction. 

I am running for Congress as an Independent, with allegiance to America, not one political party, in OH-7. Please join our movement at www.Kucinich.com

Our government’s disastrous trade policies, dangerous rhetoric and military overreach have undermined America’s position in the world, driving China and Russia into a powerful alliance. Our leaders’ ideological unwillingness to engage in diplomatic resolution of conflict has brought us closer than ever to nuclear war.

I offer a different vision for America and the world, one that embraces not just surviving but thriving. One that foresees and works to achieve cooperation and harmony among people. We can create the beloved country through the meeting of intelligence and insights with a collective celebration of empathy and compassion. Fear and positionality have no place in leadership. It is time to venture courageously into each day with wisdom, beauty and soul.

Support this common sense message of peace and prosperity. 

Some of you may remember, I served 16 years in the United States Congress, representing Cleveland, Ohio.   I went to Congress to focus on pressing domestic issues, jobs, housing, health care, workers’ rights, retirement security, and environmental protection.  I soon found myself leading efforts to avert or to end wars which were undermining our domestic priorities.   

I worked with Republican leaders to deny the Clinton Administration permission to continue to bomb Serbia.  I led the effort to try to block President Bush’s congressional authorization to attack Iraq, put forth legislation to withdraw our troops to end the war in Afghanistan; worked to avert an attack on Iran, and warned the Obama Administration against war in Libya.  I pointed out the self-defeating alliance the US made with ISIS and other terrorist groups to try to overthrow the Syrian government. 

During my congressional career, I worked to improve US relations with a number of countries, including Russia and China.  I wrote legislation to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace, which envisioned a structured approach to conflict resolution for domestic and international purposes.  In two presidential candidacies I urged America to pursue a doctrine of “Strength through Peace,” which achieves national security through hard-nosed diplomacy.

Of course America has a right to defend itself.  But our current leaders seem to lack understanding of the difference between offense and defense.  I was a third-string quarterback on a high school football team -- and I know the difference.  -- Dennis

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